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QualitySurface WiZeCell Flexx2 eDES

NIRxcell - old

NOW AVAILABLE IN THE UNITED STATES, Medinol's fifth generation coronary stent, the NIRxcell, is made from cobalt-chromium alloy using our QualitySurface manufacturing technology. The Flexx² catheter technology provides NIRxcell an unmatched ease-of-delivery, especially in tough anatomies. Featuring the unique WiZeCell stent design, that ensures optimal balance between conformability and scaffolding, NIRxcell showed outstanding results in recent clinical studies.

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About Us

Medinol is dedicated to the science of cardiovascular intervention. For over 20 years, our in-house research, development, and manufacturing have continuously raised the bar for quality and performance of stenting systems. With over two million stents delivered to date, our cutting-edge cardiovascular intervention technology continues to demonstrate extraordinary clinical results, and our products constantly stretch the limits of innovation.

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Flexx2 Catheter Technology

Medinol’s Flexx² catheter technology is a game-changer in coronary stent deliverability, especially in tough anatomies. Flexx² raises delivery efficiency and visibility, while lowering overall procedure time.

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WiZeCell Design

Now in its fifth generation, the innovative WiZeCell Design continues to lead modern stenting, eliminating any compromise between vessel conformability, scaffolding integrity, and radial support.

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All Medinol cardiovascular intervention solutions are manufactured in our proprietary manufacturing facility. Leveraging the unique and patented QualitySurface™ manufacturing technology, Medinol conducts strict and automated quality control on each individual stent, ensuring consistently exceptional product quality and safety.

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Medinol’s patented eDES technology* (eDES: elastomeric Drug-Eluting Stent) changes the face of drug-eluting stenting by lowering the risks associated with surface imperfections and deformations that can lead to polymer cracking and peeling.

*Currently in clinical studies

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