ChampioNIR Dual-Component Peripheral Stent


  • The first peripheral stent to offer a viable option for long-term stenting of peripheral arteries, providing simultaneously:
    • Superior flexibility for better deliverability and accurate deployment
    • Outstanding radial support and conformability to the vessel natural form and motion
    • Fracture resistance during contraction, compression, torsion, extension and flexion
  • ChampioNIR is a dual-component stent combining a Nitinol alloy structure with an elastomer micro-fiber mesh thus avoiding longitudinal connectors that are the Achilles' heel of other peripheral stents 


  • The superficial femoral (SFA) and popliteal arteries are subject to extreme mechanical forces and constant extension, contraction, torsion, compression, and bending
  • Traditional peripheral stenting has long been hindered by short effective stent life due to fracturing, leading to restenosis and occlusion


Fractured Peripheral Stent in Excised Vessel (seen under X ray)



ChampioNIR: Fracture Resistant and Patent               Competing Stent: Fractures Leading to a

at 28 days (in animal studies)                                                                 CTO at 28 days (in animal studies)


A Mesh of Elastomer Micro-Fibers


  • Medinol’s unique patented manufacturing technology, enables precise stent manufacturing and markedly-enhanced quality control
  • ChampioNIR stents are laser-cut from Nitinol alloy panels and then undergo Automated Visual Inspection (AVI) on both the luminal and abluminal surfaces 


ChampioNIR is not approved for marketing in the United States


* Test data on file at Medinol

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