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About Us

The Science of Cardiovascular Intervention

Medinol is dedicated to the science of cardiovascular intervention. For over 20 years, our in-house research, development, and manufacturing have continuously raised the bar for quality and performance of stenting systems. With over two million stents delivered to date, our cutting-edge cardiovascular intervention technology continues to demonstrate extraordinary clinical results, and our products constantly stretch the limits of innovation.

The scientific spirit that led us to pioneer the revolutionary NIR stent in 1996 still drives our multidisciplinary team today. Our uncompromising devotion to clinical achievement powered the creation of our current products, shapes our rich product road-map and drives the growth of our intellectual property portfolio.

Outstanding Products and Technologies

Medinol develops, manufactures, and markets EluNIR™, the first elastomeric drug eluting stent. Made from thin cobalt-chrome alloy and recognized for its unique flexibility, conformability and scaffolding, EluNIR offers new level of uniform drug elution and surface quality, and demonstrated excellent clinical outcomes and promising safety profile in two clinical studies.

EluNIR features the revolutionary Flexx²™ catheter technology with a spring-tip that eliminates tip flare-out and buckling. Flexx² overcomes traditional polymer tip limitations, offering simultaneously better flexibility and better crossability, resulting in unprecedented ease-of-delivery even in tough anatomies.

Privately-Held, Founder-Managed

Founded in 1992 by Dr. Judith Richter and Dr. Jacob (Kobi) Richter, Medinol today continues to benefit from the leadership and scientific insight of its founders, and has earned a reputation for innovation, quality and integrity.

Privately-held, the full scope of Medinol’s activity – including research, development, quality control, regulatory affairs, clinical trials, manufacturing, marketing and sales – is conducted in-house.

Our diverse and multidisciplinary research team boasts broad experience in physics, mechanical engineering, chemistry, biology, materials and pharmaceutics. Together, we constitute a creative, caring and motivated industry-leading force.