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NIR Legacy of Innovation

First introduced in 1996, Medinol’s revolutionary NIR stent changed the face of cardiovascular intervention. NIR, the first stent to provide simultaneously flexibility and robust scaffolding, revolutionized interventional cardiology by allowing for treatment of longer lesions in more complex anatomies. This enabled clinicians to vastly expand the patient base suitable for stenting, and firmly positioned stenting as the favored treatment over more risky, complex, and expensive surgical intervention.

First Case of the NIR Stent by Dr. Antonio Colombo:

2 stents in 50mm long lesion and 3 stents in 90mm long lesion

Baseline                                         Final Result                                      Baseline                                                Final Result

Legacy of Innovation

In-line with Medinol’s commitment to proven clinical excellence, NIR stents are some of the most clinically-studied Bare Metal Stents ever produced. Since 1995, NIR and its successors have been examined in over 25 clinical studies involving more than 5000 patients.

Since the introduction of the NIR stent, Medinol’s in-house research, development and manufacturing have continuously raised the bar for quality, performance and deliverability of stent systems. With over two million NIR stents delivered to date, our sixth generation coronary stent, the EluNIR™, proudly continues the NIR legacy of innovation.

  • 1996
    NIR The first coronary stent to excel in both flexibility and scaffolding
  • 2000
    NIR Elite Improved deliverability and conformability
  • 2002
    NIRflex New design for exceptional balance between conformability and scaffolding
  • 2008
    PioNIR CoCr alloy offering thinner struts and improved crossing profile
  • 2014
    NIRxcell Flexx2 technology for unmatched flexibility, pushability and ease-of-delivery
  • 2017
    EluNIR The first elastomeric Drug Eluting Stent

Watch Dr. Martin B. Leon of the Columbia University Medical Center, as he goes back in time to recount how the NIR stent revolutionized interventional cardiology