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Self Expanding Peripheral Stent

ChampioNIR is a hybrid stent combining Nitinol alloy structure with an elastomer micro-fiber mesh

  • Fracture resistance during contraction, compression, torsion, extension and flexion
  • Outstanding radial support and conformability to the vessel natural form and motion
  • Unique delivery system for accurate stent deployment
  • Superior flexibility for better deliverability

ChampioNIR is the first peripheral stent to offer a viable option for long-term stenting of peripheral arteries

Peripheral Stenting Challenges
  • The superficial femoral (SFA) and popliteal arteries are subject to extreme mechanical forces and constant extension, contraction, torsion, compression, and bending
  • Traditional peripheral stenting has long been hindered by short effective stent life due to fracturing, leading to restenosis and occlusion


ChampioNIR hybrid peripheral stent

Competitors’ Fractured Peripheral Stent in Excised Vessel. Seen under X-ray

Excellent conformability and regaining vaso-motion


Test data on file at Medinol

Fracture Resistance
  • ChampioNIR: Fracture Resistant and Patent at 28 days (in animal studies)
  • Competing Stent: Fractures Leading to a CTO at 28 days (in animal studies)
A Mesh of Elastomer Micro-Fibers
QualitySurface Manufacturing Technology
  • Medinol’s unique patented manufacturing technology, enables precise stent manufacturing and markedly-enhanced quality control
  • ChampioNIR stents are laser-cut from Nitinol alloy panels and then undergo Automated Visual Inspection (AVI) on both the luminal and abluminal surfaces

ChampioNIR is not approved for sale