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eDES Coating

  • The first and only elastomeric* Drug Eluting Stent (eDES™)
  • exceptional surface quality
  • long term coating integrity
  • Comprehensive and controlled drug elution

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*Elastomer – high elasticity polymer

  • Medinol purposefully designed EluNIR’s coating for high performance and endurance.
  • EluNIR’s elastomeric coating maintains long-term surface integrity and enables predictable, uniform release of a limus drug to the vessel wall.
  • Improved surface quality and long term coating integrity may promote clinical advantages such as more uniform drug elution, better endothelialization, lower inflammation, lower ST and restenosis rates.


Images of EluNIR before and after drug elution. Notice the coating quality:

  • Elastomeric Coating
  • Crimped
  • Expanded
  • After Elution
  • Polymer coatings of other drug eluting stents often present surface deformations, webbing, cracking and peeling
  • These surface imperfections were associated with inflammation and thrombogenicity and may also result in non-uniform drug release1

Images of commercially available drug eluting stents before and after drug elution. Notice the damaged coating:

1 Basalus et al., Eurointervention 2013; 9:302-305

Watch Dr. Kobi Richter, Founder and CTO of Medinol, in how EluNIR is coated