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  • Low footprint cobalt-chromium design with ultra-narrow 40µm struts
  • Best In Class Scaffolding: adaptive cell size designed for optimal scaffolding and uniform drug dosing while preventing tissue prolapse
  • Excellent conformability in curved sections even during myocardial contractions
  • low crossing profile and flexibility for improved deliverability
  • Optimized side branch access

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Low footprint variable width design

  • 40µm ultra narrow struts provides flexibility and conformability
  • Optimal scaffolding area provides uniform support and drug elution and prevents tissue prolapse
  • 72µm struts provides excellent radial strength

Natural vessel curvature and myocardial contractions test the limits of stent design and scaffolding integrity. EluNIR’s optimized cell size ensures uniform scaffolding and prevents tissue prolapse and strut overlap.

  • EluNIR
  • Competitor A
  • Competitor B
  • Competitor C

Note how other stents enable large openings, contributing to tissue prolapse and potentially restenosis