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The website you have requested may contain information on products or uses of such products that are not approved in your country. For specific product and country information please contact Medinol

NC Gallant

Non Compliant PTCA Dilatation Catheter

The Ideal Post-Dilatation Balloon

  • Unique, tapered Flexx² spring tip purposefully designed for enhanced pushability and flexibility
  • Easily navigates through stent struts to side branches
  • The tapered spring tip was designed to closely track the guidewire and eliminate flare-out and buckling common to plastic tips
  • The only radiopaque tip, enabling visualization of the catheter-tip location during procedure
  • Extended hydrophilic coating for superior crossability

The Easiest Stent Cross!                                                                    The Lowest Crossing Profile!

  • Exceptional Stent Cross*
  • *Bench test simulating crossing of a deployed stent
  • Data on file at Medinol
  • The only visible tip
  • Crossing stent struts to side branch

NC Gallant is FDA cleared. For information on other countries please  contact Medinol