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The website you have requested may contain information on products or uses of such products that are not approved in your country. For specific product and country information please contact Medinol


Ridaforolimus Eluting Coronary Stent System

  • Excellent clinical outcomes
  • Redefining deliverability with a new spring tip
  • Low footprint cobalt-chromium design
  • Optimal conformability and vessel support
  • Elastomeric coating and outstanding surface integrity
  • Eluting Ridaforolimus, a high therapeutic index limus drug

* Kandzari, David E. et al. Randomized comparison of Ridaforolimus- and Zotarolimus-Eluting Coronary Stent in Patients with Coronary Artery Disease (2017) 136: 1304-1314

** Presented at CRT2018

EluNIR - elastomeric Drug Eluting Stent

EluNIR is CE Marked and FDA approved (38mm and 44mm lengths are not approved in the United States). For information on other countries please  contact Medinol