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X-Suit NIR

Biliary Metallic Stent

  • X-Suit NIR® biliary metallic stent sets a new standard in stenting performance
  • Excellent conformability and superior radial support with an innovative design of alternating rings of narrow and wide struts
  • A covered version of the stent features a double layered cover designed to prevent tissue ingrowth
  • X-Suit NIR is made from Nitinol alloy using Medinol’s proprietary, high-quality, in-house QualitySurface™ manufacturing technology
  • Available in both 8 and 10mm outer diameter and in 40, 60, 80 and 100mm length

X-Suit NIR® is distributed globally by Olympus Medical  

Best-in-Class Stent Design
  • Outstanding radial support as well as conformity to the interior surface of the bile duct are must-haves for a biliary stent
  • X-Suit NIR features a unique geometry resulting in optimal coverage and support to the bile duct wall as well as resistance to recoil and a smooth, point-free surface, helping to prevent damage to the mucosa
  • The stent architecture is based on alternating rings of narrow and wide struts. Rings of wide struts provide X-Suit NIR with radial strength while rings of narrow struts provide flexibility and conformability needed to fit any bile duct regardless of its shape
  • Alternating Rings of Narrow and Wide Struts for Radial Support and Conformability
Smooth Deployment
  • Ease of placement and high maneuverability – with a unique intermediate tube, the delivery system of X-Suit NIR offers consistent deployment force from start to finish enabling smooth passage into the papilla of Vater and strictures
  • The X-Suit NIR stent design and unique cell geometry ensures minimal foreshortening after the stent is released
  • Five radiopaque tantalum markers at each end, arranged to facilitate three-dimensional visualization of the stent in fluoroscopy. Radiopaque markers are also incorporated to the sheath at the distal and proximal ends of the stent to facilitate positioning
  • Radiopaque Markers
  • X-Suit NIR and its Delivery System
QualitySurface Manufacturing Technology
  • Medinol’s unique patented manufacturing technology, enabling a more precisely produced stent and markedly-enhanced quality control
  • X-Suit NIR stents are cut by water-jet laser from Nitinol alloy panels and then undergo Automated Visual Inspection (AVI) on both the luminal and abluminal surfaces
  • Laser-Cut in Action
  • Automatic Visual Inspection of X-Suit NIR