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Unique Manufacturing Technology

Medinol stents are manufactured in our proprietary, FDA-registered manufacturing facility. Leveraging the unique and patented QualitySurface™ manufacturing technology, we conduct strict and automated quality control on each individual stent, ensuring consistently exceptional product quality, safety and performance. QualitySurface Technology was inspired by  the microelectronics industry and enables Medinol to produce higher-quality stents and use innovative coating materials.

Laser Cutting

Medinol’s stents are cut by water-jet laser from cobalt-chromium alloy panels. Each panel includes multiple stent patterns, cut during the same sequence in a process far superior to traditional tube-based stent manufacturing.

eDES Coating

Medinol manufactures EluNIR, the world’s first elastomeric Drug-Eluting Stent (eDES) using  QualitySurface Technogloy that enables coating flat stent panels with an innovative formulation of drug and advanced elastomer. This coating is highly elastic and maintains its integrity, preventing polymer cracking and peeling which may occur in other coatings which are based on rigid and brittle polymers.

Quality Control

Cutting stents from cobalt-chromium panels also enables complete inspection of both stent surfaces using advanced Automated Visual Inspection (AVI) technologies. Unlike other stents that are manufactured from tubes, AVI of panels enables highly-accurate and early detection of deformations, manufacturing variability and other quality issues.